Nuestros polos son UNISEX

Our polo shirts are UNISEX

It is common to think that a basic polo shirt with short marl and a round neck is exclusively for boys. But it's not true, it's UNISEX. In reality, gender in wardrobe in many basic garments lately is not strict.

A polo shirt can be worn by a girl or a boy. The XL size can be used by a thin person or a chubby person.

The important thing is how you like to wear your clothes, how much you put your personal touch on them and how comfortable you feel.

At CROMO many girls buy our basic polo shirts, even having the cropped option. They prefer it this way, some cut the hem, others fold the sleeves or wear it as is inside a waistband jean. And it looks nice on all of them.

It's all a matter of what YOU want!!!

We want CROMO to make you happy.

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